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I ett gymnasierbete av Tyra Malmström gjordes en inventering av humlor på Broby gård sommaren 2018. Studien visade att blomsterremsorna gynnar pollinatörer och hon kunde se att antalet humlor ökade i de insådda remsorna. Remsorna lockade olika slags humlor och inte bara en sort. Studien visar att zonerna indikerar stor närvaro av pollinatörer i zonerna.  

Case study about demonstrations activities in the AgriDemoprojetc. This is from Bäcken Farm, June 2018. An interesting day organized by Västra Sveriges SFO, SpmO and HS for farmers to be updated about the status of the crops and other intresting things on the farm i. e. the biogasproduction. 

The SamZon project aim is to use buffer strips to grow herbs and grass that provide food and shelter for insects which can increase the number of wild pollinat-ors and field birds in the agricultural landscape, pre-vent losses of phosphorus or pesticides to water bodies, promote natural enemies, benefit honey producers and increase the yield for crops that require pollination. They can be customised to attract field wildlife or be used as field roads for farmers which protect the field against soil compaction i.e. The demonstration on Södergård augusti 2018, is studies as a case study in the AgriDemo project.


Djodjic, F., Elmquist, H. & Collentine, D. 2018. Targeting critical source areas for phosphorus losses: Evaluation with soil testing, farmers’ assessment and modelling. Ambio 2018, 47:45–56